Our Top Tips for Traveling With Kids!

Traveling with kids this summer? We got you. As parents, we have experienced the struggles of keeping little ones entertained on-the-go. Whether in an airplane, or at restaurants, having your kids happily engaged can really transform an experience for the whole family! And having some screen-free alternatives means that you don’t have to rely too heavily on those gadgets and save them for when you’re really desperate!

When Iyad was younger we used to put together fun little travel kits with a variety of different toys and activities that would keep him busy for hours,  and they got SO much interest from parents with similar struggles we decided to make our own! Tried and tested, and putting all of our experiences to practice, we kept a few important points in mind:
  • The more open-ended, the better (get those imaginations working!)
  • Something they can do without parental assistance (everyone is happy)
  • Mess free (trust us)
  • Noise free (let’s not make any enemies)
  • Limit the small bits (choking hazard plus they’ll disappear before you get there)
  • Nothing that rolls off tables (unless you love squeezing yourself between seats to fish things out)
  • Make it reusable (so the fun never ends!)
  • Variety so it doesn’t get boring (moods change, interests change, let’s cover all bases)
  • Small and portable (so they don’t take up too much space and – ideally – can be carried by the kids themselves!)
  • Contained, contained, contained (everything in it’s place and easy to grab!)

Yalla! Travel Kit

Thus the Yalla! Kit was born! Jam-packed with so many different activities and options sure to entertain kids of all ages and interests. It includes a 40-page erasable activity book complete with markers, play-dough, dot stickers and a fidget pop-it spinner all contained in a zipper pouch with room to add more!

The activities are simple and promote independent play, critical thinking, and creativity and we’ve had so much amazing feedback at just how long it can hold their attention! Which to be honest, is not surprising… have you ever met a kid that didn’t love stickers and markers??

This year, we took on the feedback and made the zipper pouch even bigger so you can add your kid’s favorite toys, and added another fun surprise of an adorable Arnoob sliding puzzle that just might even keep Mama and Baba busy trying to solve!

We’ve also launched FIVE new products that are all travel-friendly and easy to pack in a carry-on!

Vinyl Stickers

This reusable sticker pad consists of 5 scenes of different ecosystems and over 150 stickers of animals that live in those ecosystems and their names in Arabic for endless playing and learning opportunities! For the kids who love more imaginative and open play, they can bring each scene alive by placing and moving the animals into different positions. For the kids who like a challenge, see if they can match the animals to the ecosystem or even match the animal names to the animals!

Water Reveal Cards

Our water reveal cards set are the perfect way to kick-start your child’s Arabic writing journey… without them even realizing it! This set of 28 cards comes with a ring clip to bind them all together, so it’s perfect for learning on-the-go. Each card has an Arabic letter on it and a word that begins with that letter that both magically appear when wet with the refillable brush tip water pen. This activity is sooo satisfying and sure to keep your kids busy wherever you might be. We’ve thrown in a waterproof pen case and a canvas pouch to contain all the bits, and best of all? It fits perfectly into the Yalla! Travel Kit!


Introducing 3 of our best-selling picture books, reimagined as flash cards! Our flashcard series include:
  • Alphabet: Each of the Arabic letters including the various forms of the letter and a word that begins with that letter.
  • Number: Expand on the First Words book and to count to 20!
  • Colors & Shapes: We’ve introduced some more shapes and best of all, four super cool shape finders which bring learning all about shapes around us to life. Have your child hold up the shape finders and look for those shapes around them!
All of our flashcards are gloss laminated which means they’re dry-erasable and easy to clean.

We hope these products give you some peace of mind wherever adventure takes you this summer, and we would LOVE to see your little adventurers enjoying them out and about. Don’t forget to tag us!

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